Frequently Asked Questions


How many years is Passover Getaway in existence?


This will be our 11th year of providing a spectacular Pesach experience to our guests.


What is the weather like in Atlanta on Passover?

Weather during April in Atlanta is as ideal as it gets. Average temperatures range from 75 to 80 degrees, with beautiful, crisp spring air that locals call “The perfect time to be in Atlanta”!

Who is the Caterer?

Diamond Caterers, based in New York, and executive Chef Chaim Levy, will be onsite, with a a large team, for the duration of the getaway to provide upscale, fine kosher cuisine that will satisfy all our guests, young and old alike.

 Diamond Catering caters in the most prestigious Hotels, Country Clubs, and other venues for prominent organizations, companies and retreats and has earned 5 star reviews for his work.


Do you accommodate guests with food allergies?

Yes, we do our best to accommodate guests’ special food requirements. Please discuss your specific needs with your booking agent.


Under whose Hashgacha is the program?

All food prepared and served at the program is under strict supervision of Rabbi Marcel Rottenberg of the ORB (Based in Florida)


Will the program be Gebrochst?

No Gebrochst will be prepared or served  during Pesach


What kind of Matzah is being served?

Only Hand Shmurah Matzah will be served for the duration of Pesach


Is the program Chalav Yisrael?


As per the ORB standards, ll dairy prepared and served by the program will be strictly Chalav Yisrael


Who are the lecturers and entertainment at Passover 2020 Program?


This year’s program is filled with popular, awesome lecturers and inspirational speakers including Rabbi Bentzion Shafer,  Charlene Amanoff, Colonel Alan Barall, Karen Barall, Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff, Rabbi Cary Friedman and  Shimmy Feintuch, as well as Daf Yomi Shiurim and more.


We will also feature superb  entertainer such as Benny Friedman, Yehuda Green, Elon Gold, Shlomi Elishaev and others, and a top-rate children’s program led by Sara Younger of Playland Parties.


What kind of crowd is expected?

Passover Getaway attracts a very nice mix of people from across the USA and the world. We offer a variety of Minyanim, lectures, programming, entertainment and activities to appeal to our guests from all backgrounds across the spectrum of Judaism. Our goal is to ensure that all our guests feel comfortable at all times during their stay with us.


Will there be a Shabbos elevator?

As of now, we cannot guarantee a Shabbos elevator. The most anyone will have to use stairs is for 3 floors. If steps are an issue, make sure to let the booking agent know that you require a certain floor and we will try to accommodate.


How many pools does the hotel have?

There are  2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool on the grounds of the resort. Separate swimming hours will be available.


Will there be any other guests on the grounds during Passover?

No, our program has exclusive use of the facility and the grounds for a full 12 days, including the Shabbos after Pesach.


How many guests are expected to be at the program?

Between 700 and 850 people are expected.



Where are the 2 Pesach Sedarim conducted?

We offer a communal Seder, semi-private sedarim as well as a limited amount of totally private Sedarim, subject to availability.


What if I want to join another Seder?

If you would like to join another family’s Seder, we will be have you join one of the Sedarim conducted by the Rabbis that are joining us for Pesach. Please indicate this to your booking representative so we can make arrangements for you.


How much do flights to Atlanta cost?

Airfare to Atlanta is quite affordable. From the New York region to ATL, costs approximately $200-$250


How far is the airport (ATL) from the hotel?

The airport is approximately 60 minutes from Pine Mountain.


Will transportation be available from the airport to the hotel?


Yes, transportation will be  made available to our guests. Please discuss the details with your booking agent.


Will there be a children’s program?

Yes, our children’s day camp and programming is second to none. It is run by the talented Sara Younger of Playland parties, and will cater to children aged 3 to 12, so that parents can enjoy  total relaxation and enjoyment.

Is babysitting available?

Yes, babysitting for children aged 0-3 will be available throughout the program. Contact your booking rep for details.


What attractions are there in Pine Mountain?


Callaway Resort & Gardens is a world-class 2,500 acre resort with beautiful grounds. The resort contains 3 beautiful swimming pools, a stunning beach (the largest man-made beach in the USA), a spa, golf courses, Zip line, tennis courts, a butterfly sanctuary, bird shows, hiking and biking trails, all on its beautiful grounds.

There are also a lot of fun, interesting and unique things to do in the Pine Mountain region, such as a safari and  farms for kids, and many attractions in the nearby Atlanta area, such as Six Flags, Lego Land, Coca Cola factory and more. Please see “The Resort” section on our website for more details and links.

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