Programming for Pesach 2021

Passover Getaway 2021, will be a totally new, upscale experience like never before! Some of the exciting program details can be seen below... but there's more! We are adding more  awesome surprises  soon! 


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Passover 2021 Entertainment

Yehuda Green

Comedian Elon Gold

Benny Friedman

Shlomi Elishaev

Passover 2020 Inspiration 

Cantor Yaakov Lemmer

Rabbi ben Tzion Shafier

US Colonel Allen Barall

Rabbi Ilan Feldman

Rabbi Cary A. Friedman

Shimmy Feintuch

Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff

Rabbi Meir Kessler

Karen Paikin Barall

A Decade of Epic Pesach Programming...Looking Back at Some Our Previous Years' Stars

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