Celebrating Ten Successful Years!

In 2010, Passover Getaway kicked off its very first Pesach program. Located in Tampa, Florida, we hosted a glorious holiday for guests and their families. So began our journey to Passover hosting excellence.

Over the years the program has turned into a booked-solid and much sought-after venue for anyone willing to utilize Pesach as their ultimate getaway. We have grown to host an astounding number of families in  recent years, in a most distinguished display of hospitality.

For the last 5 years, the program was located in Orlando, FL, and as awesome as that was, this year, 2020, we have totally reinvented the Passover Getaway Experience and moved it to the spectacular Stone Mountain Park, located in the Atlanta, GA region.

Passover 2020, another opportunity to join your Passover Getaway Family on the best ever holiday vacation. Atlanta, GA, here we come…for a breathtaking 12 days of bliss!

Building upon our extraordinarily successful decade of Passover Getaways, we will once more be indulging our guests for Pesach, this year at the luxurious Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort,  while pampering your family in all that the Stone Mountain Park region has to offer. From the magnificence of its lobby and luxury of its in-house spa, to the on-site golf courses and breathtaking views, the entire resort is exclusive to our guests for the entire 12 days! you’ll be feeling the tranquility all around you, and retain those memories for a lifetime!

A re-imagined entertainment program, world-class chefs with unmatched culinary expertise, and extensive Chol Hamo’ed entertainment, there’s so much to come for!

For Luxury, Charm and Sophistication...You couldn’t pick a better venue for your family to enjoy on Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed of 2020. Serene Stone Mountain Park,, hosted by the Passover Getaway family – a winning combination!

Looking forward to hosting you personally,

Motty & Raizy Tessler and the entire Passover Getaway Family