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Lipa Schmeltzer


For the past decade, Passover Getaway has provided the best in Jewish entertainment!  There's something for everyone!

This year's line up is sure to elicit joy and memories that will last a lifetime - just like the performers pictured here!

We are still firming up the entertainment plans for Passover 2021  Please sign up to get the latest, as it happens!

Eric Wilzig
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Mordechai Ben David


Yishai Lapidot


We keep kids busy and having fun at Passover Getaway!


Our Daily Day Camp offers age appropriate activities for children of all ages  as well as babysitting services (so mom and dad can take a  nap and relax!)

We are still firming up the kids' programming for Passover 2020!  Please sign up to get the latest, as it happens!

As you can see, we pride ourselves on programming that is the stuff of life-long memories!  Passover 2021 will be no different!

We are still in the process of putting together an entertainment and speaker roster that will bring the fun and inspire you and your family members!  Please fill out the form below to get entertainer and speaker announcements as they happen, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Passover 2021 is shaping up!

Keep Me Updated on Passover Getaway 2021!

Thanks for submitting! You'll receive updates on our Passover 2021 as they happen!

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